What Grade Would You Give President Trump?

Ruben Hill
January 18, 2018

Almost 60 percent of American voters said they think President Donald Trump doesn't respect people of color as much as he does whites, according to a new poll out Wednesday. Independent voters are divided fairly equally, with 46 percent saying Trump is stable and 45 percent saying he is not. "From February through December, Trump's approval rating fell more with middle-aged blue-collar white women than any other group", he added. His best marks involved the economy and jobs, with 25 percent giving him an "A" on the economy and 24 percent giving him an "A" on jobs while only 26 percent gave him an "F" on the economy and only 24 percent gave him an "F" on jobs. Voters agree on this 59-38 percent.

In report card form, 35 percent of those surveyed give the president an F on his first year, compared with 34 percent who award him an A or B. Another 14 percent choose C and 11 percent pick D.

The president's popularity matters to his party in a year in which the House increasingly seems to be up for grabs. Harry S. Truman held the approval of less than 40 percent of Americans for significant chunks of his first term and was also re-elected.

A new Knight-Gallup poll of 19,000 adults found that trust in the media is at a new low, with Americans ranking their faith at 37 out of 100. Truman, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter all had their ratings dip under 30 percent.

The vast, 73-point split is mostly due to Trump's almost unanimous disapproval among Democrats.

Voters are split over whether President Trump is "mentally stable", according to a Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday.

Overall, Gallup attributed the rise of agency admiration to "more positive ratings from Republicans".

Among Republicans, 79 percent said they think Trump respects white people and people of color the same amount, but just 5 percent of Democrats agree.

White men, Republicans and white voters who don't have college degrees disagreed, saying the president respects people of color as much as whites. In all, roughly the same number of people would fail Trump as would give him either an "A" or a "B".

Health care has been a consistent low point. More than half said the country is worse off since Trump became president.

This is the latest sign that Trump will likely not last eight, if four, years in office.

The December 20 national poll found Americans have little hope for world peace in 2018; "Merry Christmas" is bogus issue, voters say 4-1.

Quinnipiac began the survey on January 12, immediately after Trump reportedly questioned why the United States was accepting so many people from what he called "shithole" countries-such as Haiti and nations in Africa-rather than "countries like Norway".

The November 21 national poll found 60% of USA women say they've been sexually harassed; Trump job approval still stuck below 40%.

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