Ann Curry Says She's "Not Surprised" By Matt Lauer Allegations

Lawrence Kim
January 17, 2018

Because left-wing news outlets like CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, want to protect their fellow propagandists at NBC News, even though Ann Curry has broken the news that there is/was a "climate" of sexual harassment at NBC, and pretty much said (as other have) that everyone knew, this will be ignored.

When Matt Lauer was sacked from his position at NBC, many fans wondered what Ann Curry would do.

"We clearly are waking up to a reality and injustice that has been occurring for some time", she said.

"I think its, in general, overdue". At the time, many people speculated that her firing had something to do with co-host Matt Lauer, with whom she lacked chemistry.

In an interview on CBS This Morning, Curry said she did not want to "do harm" or cause more "pain", but she address the atmosphere at NBC News she said she experienced while working there. I want to tell you that it was. Yes.

In a cover interview with PEOPLE published Wednesday, Ann didn't get more specific about the emotional split with the network, explaining that "it hurt like hell" and "I can say I've done nothing wrong". "I don't know a single woman who has not endured some form of sexual harassment", she said.

"I can tell you that I - I am not surprised by the allegations", she said.

Lauer was abruptly fired a year ago following allegedly inappropriate sexual behavior.

Curry was asked about her own firing from the "Today" show in 2012 and the rumors that Lauer had been behind it. The six-part series, which premieres January 23 at 8 ET, explores dramatic historic events through the eyes of people who went through them and who now want to reunite with someone who helped them survive.

Curry said her reactions to the Lauer scandal were feelings of outrage and empathy for the victims. 'Cause you're talking about a power imbalance which goes, as you say, outside of just sexual harassment. "I do know it hurt like hell", she said.

"Youre the only one to ask", King pointed out. I've let it go.

"The real question, in my view, is what are we going to do with all this anger? This is actually the issue and the question is ultimately what are we going to do about it", she said. And it's not just, obviously, about where I used to work. But its about the problem thats across industries, in workplaces across America. But she added that she didn't take any pleasure in Matt's sudden disgrace and exit from the show.

But, Curry also agrees with fans who called out NBC for the sexism she faced when she was sacked. You knew things? What does that mean? Does that mean more women executives? Perhaps Curry will at some point speak frankly and in detail about her experiences in Lauerville, but for now she appears focused on her future and on the overall mission to change workplace dynamics to improve matters for women now.

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