Trump foolishly promoted Wolff's critical book 'Fire and Fury'

Elias Hubbard
January 14, 2018

"What did that mean?"

SMERCONISH: From the paper trail that I've seen, and I've tried to become more knowledgable in anticipation of having you here, it doesn't seem like there was any interview you were afforded for the book per se... The book prompted a cease and desist letter from Trump's lawyer and a split between the president and his former adviser Steve Bannon. "So, therefore, this is - you're doing the work of the White House to discredit this book", Wolff concluded. When promoting the book on its digital page as the number one bestseller of the moment, e-commerce company Amazon says that it is an approach to the first nine months of Trump in the power, which qualifies as stormy, scandalous and absolutely hypnotical. By meeting at the Capitol on December 5 and 6 with more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers and a Republican senator, Professor Bandy X. Lee, a psychiatry professor form the Univeristy of Yale, warned that Trump is going to get worse and argued that his excessive use of the social network Twitter is a sign that he sinks under stress. That nobody was doing that?

"How much access did you have to the President?" William Burck, a former White House special counsel during the George W. Bush administration and a former federal prosecutor, is helping Bannon prepare for questions from the House panel about the presidential campaign, CNN reports.

Wolff also took issue when Smerconish cited an email Wolff purportedly wrote about gaining access to Trump.

Towards the end of the interview, Smerconish offered Wolff the last word, and Wolff got a little ticked off when he, well, didn't quite get it.

Trump foolishly promoted Wolff's critical book 'Fire and Fury'
Trump foolishly promoted Wolff's critical book 'Fire and Fury'

WOLFF: Okay, I think that we should point out that someone in the White House is obviously giving you emails that I sent, which is perfectly fine, but the White House has been on a concerted attack on me since this book came out.

As a fellow journalist, Smerconish said that he had found Wolff's methods "unusual".

"When I write emails seeking interviews, my word choice is to say, 'I will treat the individual with dignity and respect.' I never go so far as to say, 'Let me humanize". I never know what the word permanent means.

But Wolff insisted that people should just read "Fire and Fury".

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