Fortnite: Cozy Campire and Shadowplay Highlights are now available

Joanna Estrada
January 14, 2018

Epic Games has announced the release of a new Fortnite update, adding a wealth of bug fixes following numerous requests from fans over the holiday period.

Cozy Campfire will be a new "trap" item that will be used for healing. It will last for 25 seconds and heals two HP per second. Well, you might have noticed that the item is stored in your inventory as a trap, not a standard item.

Additionally, Boogie Bomb will now have a Blue rarity. It's deployed like a trap, too, by bringing up your building menu with Circle, then hitting Square to select it (B and then X on Xbox One). When the fire is placed on the ground it can heal you and any of your teammates that might be next to it as well getting them ready to battle on. ShadowPlay can save plays automatically and can be further customized to pick what plays get saved. Highlights is available to anyone with a GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or higher. We will continue to monitor and iterate on this item's functionality.

Talking about the Battle Royale mode as the most played Fortnite content, you may find detailed patch notes down below. Moreover, the weapon's rarity has been changed to blue/rare to "more accurately represent its true rarity".

Fixed an issue which caused players to pass through their recently built and edited structures.

The new update will still force the player to dance but the animation will stop once the player has taken damage, just like how the Bush works.

Shortened a few Daily Challenge descriptions which would run off the screen in a few languages.

Fixed an issue which caused the "Push to Talk" setting to disappear from the Battle Royale settings when restoring default settings in Save the World.

This item is also unique and it's like nothing else players have seen in "Fortnite" Battle Royale before.

As Paul reported earlier this week, Nvidia's latest GPU drivers support ShadowPlay Highlights in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode.

There are plenty of customization options that will allow players to adjust ShadowPlay to their playstyle.

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