Elite Dangerous Offering Open Beta For Season 3

James Marshall
January 14, 2018

The game's first Beyond update enters beta January 25.

Elite Dangerous picks back up this year with a third season, Beyond, and PC/Mac players will soon be able to test out its first chunk of content. Frontier Developments is holding an open beta on January 25 for Beyond - Chapter One before its full launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Q1 2018. Additionally, GalNet Audio will allow players to catch up on the galaxy's latest news without ever leaving the action, bringing the ongoing narrative to the foreground at a risky moment for humanity's pilots. The studio also provided a few details on the patch, confirming a new Alliance vessel is on the way and the community will see new Wing missions in 2018. This may prove more significant than it sounds, and could potentially help draw more focus to Elite's ongoing narrative elements and events, given that Galnet will no longer remain exclusively in the domain of those willing to park up and wade through pages of text, rather than playing the actual game.

Going beyond the Thargoid attack of last season, Chapter One enhances the existing gameplay experience and bringing a host of new content for commanders to enjoy while cruising the galaxy.

The beta will give you a chance to dip into Wing Missions, which offer challenges via team-based objectives for players around the globe to compete in. Commanders will share their adventures - and rewards - with allies while working together to overcome unsafe obstacles. Where Horizons was a paid-for expansion, focussing on big marquee additions to the Elite universe, Beyond is a series of free updates largely built around long-requested quality of life improvements to the core game.

Earth-like near Sag A • CMDR Mat2596 • Fair Use
Earth-like near Sag A • CMDR Mat2596 • Fair Use

Trading is a major part of Elite: Dangerous but it's a little complex at the moment. Information on the galactic economy is now more freely available, allowing every commander to become a master merchant with a little bit of practice.

The Elite Dangerous galaxy becomes more realistic and lovely than ever before with reworked planet rendering technology in Frontier's COBRA game engine.

Engineering mechanics, mission rewards, and a new crime and punishment system will also come into play. This should result in more realistic and handsome graphics especially when it comes to approaching planets. Reworked planet rendering in the COBRA engine will also be introduced which means vibrant surface colors better reflect planetary geological properties. Hopefully these enhancements will be noticeable even to the untrained eye.

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