The Last Jedi easter eggs you missed, from the folks at Lucasfilm

Lawrence Kim
January 13, 2018

Some fans loved The Last Jedi and all that it had to offer. Recently on Twitter, a debate started up regarding whether or not this really worked in the film, considering the ability to do such a thing had never been previously hinted at in the Star Wars franchise.

As far as audiences are concerned, there is an apparent divide in overall satisfaction with the movie, and some of the reason comes from the way plot details unfolded after being set up by the film's predecessor.

Everyone's mileage may vary when it comes to Star Wars VIII, but numerous attacks levied against the film don't hold much weight when compared to the previous films.

That would have looked cool of course, but it wouldn't have made sense by the time we got to The Last Jedi, given that we learn early on in the movie that Luke's traumatic journey inspired him to cut himself off from the Force altogether.

The Last Jedi painted some aspects of Star Wars into a corner, and it's hard to fathom how Abrams will resolve the biggest issues the series now faces when he delivers the sequel trilogy's concluding chapter in 2019.

Many movie series can suffer from having a bad sequel, and that challenge is being observed as fans criticize "The Last Jedi". Writer and director Rian Johnson recently revealed his justifications for the scene to IGN. Especially after what Mark Hamill said in an interview with Empire magazine past year. Hamill noted that he was shocked to hear that Johnson make his character, normally so full of optimism and hope, become so distant from his past beliefs.

Williams will also provide the theme for "Solo", the next stand-alone Star Wars film that will be released in May.

With The Last Jedi nearing the end of its theatrical run, we should expect Episode IX to hit theaters December of 2019. They include references to Star Wars Battlefront II, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and some little threads that may be explored in future Star Wars stories.

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