Raw Water Is Water For Rich Idiots

Henrietta Strickland
January 13, 2018

If the at-home "unfiltration system" isn't your bag, the effort to fight against lead, Chloramine, and Fluoride polluted H20 isn't all lost.

Not every company in the off-grid water space preaches drinking unfiltered water, however.

As if you didn't think rich people could get any more obnoxious and silly with their trends, there is a new fad out there which is just as dumb as it sounds.

According to a New York Times piece on the trend, proponents argue that filtration and added fluoride in tap water kills beneficial bacteria.

The trend stems from unfounded concerns about the treatment of tap water and the effects of chloride, which is entirely safe to drink. He believes that the widespread availability of clean, filtered water has caused modern consumers to forget about the many diseases that are linked to untreated water. Making up to 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of it a day, the water is put through a mineralized filter and diverted straight to the household's kitchen tap. That's why every time you turn the tap for a drink you don't have to ask "hmm, will this refresh me or infect me with something awful?" "Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it's a mind-control drug that has no benefit to our dental health", Singh (who changed his name from Christopher Sanborn) told the New York Times.

See the FDA's guidelines for bottled water here.

"It stays most fresh within one lunar cycle of delivery", he said. Giardia, another illness caused by unclean water, puts roughly 4,600 United States people in hospital every year. For the first time, it was proven that disease was carried by water, and it became one of the main functions of good government to provide safe water to citizens. And yes, wild animals will go number two near or even in the most pristine raw water stream out there.

Not to be deterred by this argument, public health officials still believe that untreated water poses more of a threat to health than the substances added during filtration and chlorination do and that the main goal for drinking water is to hydrate the body and not to increase mineral intake.

After the U.S.started incorporating filtration and treatment methods for public drinking water over a century ago, many illnesses like cholera, nearly completely disappeared. And contaminated water means water that can make you sick. "Anything you can think of can be in untreated water, really".

Water - where it comes from, how its treated and what it's bottled in - has always been the subject of heated debates. "Now is that because I saw it come off the roof, and anything from the roof feels special?"

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