President Trump Says He Has a 'Very Good Relationship' With Kim Jong

Elias Hubbard
January 13, 2018

"I have relationships with people", Trump continued. No conversation has been publicly reported between any sitting United States president and a North Korean leader in decades, if ever.

President Donald Trump claims he probably has a "good relationship" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, although the only apparent interaction the two have ever had is an exchange of taunts and insults. "I'm not saying I have or I haven't".

In recent days, in a series of media leaks, US officials have spoken of the president's willingness to consider a limited preemptive strike on North Korea to change Kim's mindset, despite the risk of touching off a war. "I think you people are surprised".

One U.S. official said one option would be to bomb a North Korean missile or nuclear facility based on a "high confidence" intelligence assessment that North Korea planned another test. It appeared to be a softening of rhetoric, given that Trump had lectured Secretary of State Rex Tillerson past year that it would be a waste of time "trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man", Trump's nickname for Kim.

White House spokespeople didn't immediately respond to questions about whether Trump and Kim had spoken. Technically, South Korea and the United States remain at war with North Korea after the Korean War ended in 1953 with an armistice instead of a peace treaty. Recently, he mocked Kim's New Year's address, in which the young despot said he had installed a nuclear button on his desk to order a strike against the U.S.

Trump said the stop-and-go nature to his strategy with North Korea is intentional and part of a broader goal.

The new analysis of the Punggye-ri satellite imagery was done by Frank Pabian, Joseph Bermudez Jr. and Jack Liu, the 38 North website said. "What he has basically said is 'Yes, there could be a time where we talk to North Korea, ' but a lot of things have to happen before that actually takes place".

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