Korea accepts S. Korean offer of high-level talks at DMZ on Tues

Joanna Estrada
January 13, 2018

However, skeptics in the West and South Korea said that the Sunshine Policy of a decade ago, which promoted warmer relations between the two Koreas, failed to halt Pyongyang's nuclear progress.

Trump's openness to talks recalled his more accommodating approach during the 2016 campaign, when he said he could negotiate with Kim over a hamburger.

The comment drew criticism, including from former Vice President Joe Biden, who said it caused allies to lose confidence in Washington.

The fact is the North Korean leader doesn't have the power to divide the US and South Korea if they don't want to be divided.

"I weren't involved, they wouldn't be talking at all right now".

Haley said North Korea should be clear that the United States will not reduce pressure on Kim. The Trump administration had said that Kim must at least pause his nuclear weapons program before talks would be considered. -South Korean military exercises Foal Eagle and Key Resolve, which usually take place in the February-March timeframe, until after the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics, which conclude on March 18.

Dr. Go Myong-Hyun, Research Fellow at The ASAN Institute for Policy Studies said Kim's willingness for dialogue is a temporary plan built out of desperation: "North Korea is engaging in a tactical move with South Korea for two main reasons: to avoid a preemptive attack from the U.S., and to mitigate crippling sanctions imposed on the country by the USA".

A commentary Sunday published by the state-run Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang described improved ties with Seoul as a "crucial matter", departing from its usually dismissive tone toward the South. Trying to divine Kim's thinking from North Korean propaganda broadcasts is about as unrewarding as deconstructing Trump's tweets. The commentary warned that "depending on foreign powers" risked complicating talks.

North and South are set to meet at the truce village Panmunjom on South Korea's side of the border tomorrow - a day after Mr Kim's reported 34th birthday - to discuss the North's participation in next month's Winter Olympics.

The two Koreas have been separated by the world's most heavily militarised border since the Korean War ended in a stalemate in 1953.

KFC U.K. and Ireland took to Twitter to go against the home of the Big Mac, writing on Wednesday: "McDonald's leader Ronald just stated he has a 'burger on his desk at all times.' Will someone from his big shoed, red nosed regime inform him that I too have a burger on my desk, but mine is a box meal which is bigger and more powerful than his, and mine has gravy!"

"North Korea would love to see a growing gap between United States and South Korea, but its really a byproduct of North Korean goals rather than its objective", Go added.

"North Korea has shown willingness to cooperate on the Pyeongchang Olympics".

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