Important Details From Fusion GPS' Secret Testimony (Yes Pee Tape Included)

Elias Hubbard
January 13, 2018

Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., ranking member on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, on Tuesday released the transcript of the panel's interview with Fusion GPS' founder about the so-called Trump dossier - which outlines allegations regarding the president's involvement with Russian Federation.

This would appear to be what compelled Steele, with Simpson's blessing, to report evidence he'd uncovered of Trump collusion with Russian Federation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - before the election.

"(FBI) believed Chris' information might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated the same thing and one of those pieces of intelligence was a human source from inside the Trump Organization", Simpson told the committee.

Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said Ms. Feinstein's actions were "confounding". In exchange, Durbin said people would be allowed to stay in the US who fled here after disasters hit their homes in places including El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti.

The dossier was written by former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele. It also describes lascivious behavior that might embarrass Trump or could have been used as leverage to influence him. Senator Grassley said Fusion chief Glenn Simpson was "uncooperatve", but, during ten hours of testimony (more than 300 pages, as transcribed), Simpson comes across instead as open and clearly willing to tell his story.

Other key components, that were corroborated by the Steele Dossier, included the fact that the Australian government forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in early 2016 based on a drunken conversation that Trump insider George Papadopoulos had with an Australian ambassador in London. And Feinstein is a powerfully placed female lawmaker with a reputation on Capitol Hill that allows her to take on Trump from a position of authority and credibility - all qualities that existed before, but have now taken on increased political importance following a cultural reckoning that called out powerful men who abused their power and sought to elevate women's voices.

Glenn Simpson co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS. Pablo Martinez Monsivais  AP
Glenn Simpson co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS. Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP

Feinstein moved to do so without the committee's Republican chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, issued a criminal referral last week for Steele, alleging the committee had reason to believe that the former spy had lied to authorities about his conversations with the press regarding the dossier.

Fusion GPS was hired on behalf of Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) by their law firm to compile information about Trump, his businesses, and associates, including possible links to Russian Federation. Later, as Trump's pathway to the Republican nomination became more assured, the firm was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to continue that research.

Fusion GPS was the Washington, D.C.,-based intelligence firm hired by The Washington Free Beacon to do opposition research on President Donald Trump. He invited Simpson to instead testify publicly.

Simpson was not under oath but the Fusion GPS founder still brought along attorney Joshua Levy.

As part of that research, Fusion GPS hired Steele, who had been the head of MI6's Russian Federation desk.

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