Raccoon Drags Baby Out Of Bed And Attacks Her In Philadelphia Home

Lawrence Kim
December 23, 2017

They rushed upstairs to a horrific scene: Their daughter had been dragged from her bed by the animal, bleeding, crying and obviously severely injured.

She returned to find her daughter on the floor with blood all over her face.

'I thought it was a nightmare when I heard over the phone, ' the baby's father, Samuel Black added.

Rodgers said she told the landlord about the raccoon when she previously spotted the animal.

A four-month-old infant in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia had to undergo emergency surgery after being attacked and bitten on the face by a racoon inside a home.

Ashley Rodgers, the mother of Journi Blake Rodgers, told authorities that the attack happened about 8:30 p.m.in their apartment in north Philadelphia, the television station noted. Reports said that Black was lucky that her eyes were not affected by the raccoon's scratches but it could take a year for the baby to fully recover. A deep wound what seems to be claw marks around her face and forehead.

The baby received 64 stitches during surgery and got a rabies shot, and she now in fair condition, according to 6ABC. She is now recovering.

According to WPVI, animal control officers were called to the home on Thursday but couldn't say how the raccoon got inside or if it had been caught. "I hear her screaming and crying", she said. "My heart dropped. I didn't know what to say, what to think".

"What was he going to do?" the child's uncle, Kenny McDuffy, asked WPVI. "Eat her? Kill her?" Neighbors said raccoons are a big problem in the North Philadelphia neighborhood, where unused lots and empty buildings create space for the pests. It's unclear how the raccoon got into the apartment, but neighbors complain of a raccoon infestation in the area due to trash. "It's awful around here with these raccoons, yes it is", said neighbor Barbara Butler. "There's no reason an animal should have gotten into the house with minors". "Everybody needs to leave out of there".

"It is his (the landlord's) responsibility".

A spokesperson for Philadelphia's Department of Licenses and Inspections told CBS3 that the property does not have a rental license and should not be renting rooms.

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