Mark Hamill gives ideal response to Ted Cruz's patronizing net neutrality tweet

Lawrence Kim
December 18, 2017

Ted Cruz waded into the battle Sunday morning, arguing series bad guy Darth Vader would support the regulations while drawing a parallel between the film's Galactic Empire and real-life big-government proponents.

Cruz's tweets came in response to Hamill's tweet critiquing Pai's video, where Pai - the face of the anti-net neutrality movement - wielded a lightsaber.

Less than an hour later and Mark Hamill made a decision to respond by taking a shot at Ted Cruz for his Twitter account accidentally "liking" a po*n tweet earlier this year. Respond not with facts, but with anger. On Friday in a 3-2 vote, net neutrality was officially repealed despite massive backlash, mostly from those on the liberal side of the political spectrum.

"Yes, that's it. So sorry to misspell your name". He then went on to quote Star Wars' Yoda, asking "Who was it that said, "Fear is the path to the dark side...fear leads to anger...anger leads to hate"?" The Net grew free & unregulated.

The sparring started Saturday when Hamill, taking some time away from promoting The Last Jedi (or maybe not) posted a tweet, complete with vomit emoji, of FCC chairman Ajit "Aren't I Precious" Pai (Hamill's words) in a Santa suit and holding a toy lightsaber.

"Thanks for smarm-spaining it to me Ted Cruz", Hamill tweeted. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of using the wrong Twitter handle in a tweet to him about net neutrality because he was "distracted from watching porn again", in a colorful exchange with the Family Values Republican on Sunday. "I know politics can be confusing, but you'd have more credibility if you spelled my name correctly", he continued.

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