ARA San Juan: Argentina sacks navy chief over submarine tragedy

Elias Hubbard
December 16, 2017

The move comes one month after the last contact with the submarine ARA San Juan.

Second sub-officer Roberto told her they were now heading for home, writing: 'On Monday an English helicopter was looking for us, and yesterday the Chileans, there has been a lot going on'.

On Friday night, friends and family of the 44 crew members marched in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata to demand the government "continue the search".

The "contacts" turned out to be "sunken fishing boats, rocky formations" and other random objects, the navy said.

Argentina has sacked the head of its navy a month after a submarine vanished along with all 44 crew members. "Well, here we are, we're reminding them of that", he added.

The message said seawater had entered the vessel's ventilation system causing a battery to short-circuit.

'We all feel they are hiding things from us. On November 30, the Argentine Navy announced the end of its rescue activities but specified that the mission to locate the vessel was still ongoing. "The Navy has practically tortured us with this situation they have made us lived".

They faded further when researchers hunting through records found that an explosion was detected in the area where the sub was last tracked.

Experts said the crew only had up to 10 days of oxygen if the sub remained intact under the sea.

However, the Argentina's search for the vessel continues, supported by aircraft and ships from 18 countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States.

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