Chris Bosh's mother named suspect by police after house drug raid

Elias Hubbard
December 10, 2017

As NBA power forward Chris Bosh contemplates a career comeback, he is at the center of an unusual story right now. Police searched the house in the gated community of Desoto, Texas. was the first of multiple media sources to report that a house owned by former Miami Heat star Chris Bosh was the site of an early-morning raid by police in DeSoto, Texas, on Friday.

TMZ reported that police sent an undercover officer to the home Tuesday to obtain trash bags that had been left out in front of the home.

In the investigation, the cops recovered weed paraphernalia, burned joints and mail with Freida's name on it.

As for the drug trafficking den - cops say the home was guarded by a large iron fence and outfitted with security cameras.

Cops also are saying that another suspect in the case has paperwork on them that includes an incident for allegedly shooting someone in the face during a drug deal.

Chris Bosh has not been implicated in any crime, with officials telling TMZ Sports, "We don't believe Chris has any connection short of owning the house".

Bristow said Chris Bosh is listed as the owner of the house but was not among those there Friday.

Dang, that's a lot of stuff going on at that house. What the heyall is that all about?

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