Hawaii Woman Seeks Guinness World Record for Giant Avocado

Ruben Hill
December 7, 2017

There's no doubt that Americans are obsessed with avocados.

Pamela Wang found the 5lb avocado on Sunday while out walking in the Kealakekua area of the island, the West Hawaii Today newspaper reported.

A woman in Hawaii may have found the world's biggest avocado, reports say.

"I see avocados every day, and I pick up avocados every day, but this one ... it was hard to miss", Wang told West Hawaii Today. "It was as big as my head".

She met up with friends and showed them the enormous avocado.

Since Guinness requires an expert be present at the examination of an item before its submission to the group, the official weighing of Wang's avocado was witnessed by Ken Love, executive director of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers.

The avocado is not of the Hass variety, which is what grocery stores often carry.

Wang has since submitted the giant avo to the Guinness World Records in the hope of getting it officially named the world's largest.

So is Wang's fruit big enough to mash the competition?

It could take up to two months for Guinness World Records to come back to Pam about whether the fruit is a record-holder or not.

Guinness says it receives almost 1,000 record applications a week so it can take their officials between 12 to 15 weeks to verify new world record holders.

Instead of making a very large batch of avocado toast, Wang chose to show her discovery to a few friends, who immediately thought the avocado would be potentially record-breaking.

According to Guinness' website, the current heaviest avocado on record weighed 4.8 pounds.

Whether Wang's avocado is a record holder or not, we just want to know if it actually tastes any good!

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