Arshi Khan becomes the captain of the house

Lawrence Kim
December 7, 2017

It is a luxury budget task and Bigg Boss will ask all the housemates to play the game of statue while family members will come to visit them.

Meanwhile, Arshi again slaps Shilpa's doll with her sleepers.

Hina said, "Hiten Tejwani ka apna kuch to hota nahi hai". But later, Priyank apologises to Luv. Hina, Luv and Arshi are in the running for the ace position and try to put their best foot forward to prove that they can be the next leader of the house.

Later, Puneesh tells Shilpa that there are two love stories going in the house. Priyank tells Luv to listen to him while Luv says that he will do what he feels is right.

Puneesh then told both Vikas and Hina that he would only want Hina and Vikas to be the captain. In an argument, Priyank abuses Luv and Luv shout at Priyank. As the three head to the parking lot, Vikas blocks Hiten's way and stops him from parking.

As part of their strategy, so that they don't reach on time to park the pram, Luv goes to the washroom, and Vikas and Hiten join him. But Vikas doesn't let her talk to Hiten and takes him aside. Moreover, Luv also doesn't go in the parking area.

However, due to Hiten's plan, Hina gets out of the captaincy race. Vikas tells Arshi that they will make her as the captain of the house.

Puneesh gets last on the buzzer and Luv gets out of the contendership. After telling Hiten, who is Hina's doll's baby-sitter, that she needs to be removed from the game, the alarm sounds. So sweet. She also hugs Shilpa and Priyank before leaving the show. From asking Arshi Khan to apply a lotion on his body or asking her to walk around the house in just a towel, Akash has done it all to grab the attention of the viewers. Akash had been making fun of Hiten in front of Shilpa and Puneesh Sharma. Even when Shilpa intervenes, Akash gets rude with her. Are Priyank and Luv growing apart?

Bigg Boss 11 house is taking new twists and turns. Read Also: Bigg Boss 11 Episode 66, December 6 Live UpdatesHiten loses his cool Apart from his argument with Hina over making her win the task, Hina also has an argument with akash, who calls him a loser for not playing the game fairly and being so influenced by Vikas.

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