Pizza Party at NASA's Space Station

James Marshall
December 6, 2017

NASA sent Nespoli and the crew pizza ingredients in November as part of a cargo-delivery mission to the International Space Station, helped by aerospace company Orbital ATK, which launched the rocket that carried the supplies. The astronauts had foundations for pizza, tomato sauce, cheese, salami, olives, olive oil, anchovy paste, and pesto.

There's been a historic event in space, the International Space Station has hosted it's first ever pizza party!

Nespoli called the pizza "unexpectedly delicious". London, New York and California alongside incredible natural landscapes across our Earth are seen from 250 miles above in Space.

Because everything in microgravity floats, the astronauts were careful to tether things down while slapping ingredients onto their pizza. In one scene, a crew member gently floats a pizza to his colleague who catches it without any of the toppings spilling.

When eating at the International Space Station (ISS), you have a lot of limited options. Today he has safely returned to Earth. The crew, he said in a tweet, "had a blast channeling our inner chef by building tasty pizzas for movie night".

Not the first time Italian astronaut prepares in the conditions of weightlessness.

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