Invisible Box Challenge: Here's The New Trend That's Breaking The Internet

Elias Hubbard
December 6, 2017

Olivar's video follows another from August from a football player in Indiana.

The trick starts off with participants acting as if they're placing a box on the ground ahead of them and patting the top surface of the imaginary object in order to create the optical illusion that there is an invisible box lying on the ground.

While a small minority seem to have effortlessly mastered the trick, others fail hilariously, with some tripping over their own feet and others just falling straight over.

However, many Internet users have been left dazed and confused wondering how the trick actually works.

The invisible-box challenge got huge this week when a clip of a Texan high school cheerleader scored millions of views after it was posted on Saturday.

All you need is a little imagination, an invisible box and you're good to go! For example, a video from 2014 shows a group of dancers pulling it off.

In recent years, viral trend videos have become increasingly common.

The leg that is stepping on the box uses a great deal of hip flexor, glute and core stability.

Ebenezer Samuel, Men's Health fitness editor said: "All hip stabilisers on the right side are firing on overtime to hold that hip in position".

But the moving leg that hops forward faces a greater challenge. "You'll notice his body rotates toward the leg on the step as well; there's a ton of oblique and ab stability maintaining that position". Two that immediately spring to mind are the revolting cinnamon challenge and the planking fad which had us all on the floor in a state of wooden piss-taking.

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