Google Snippets now show you more

Joanna Estrada
December 6, 2017

Now when you search for a specific topic - let's say you want to find out more information about the historical figure, Ivar the Boneless - the results will come to you as a Feature Snippet - an algorithmically generate box that appears at the top of the page when you search. Similarly, Knowledge Panels have also been updated to show related content, which was absent earlier.

"Search is not just about answering your questions - it's also about discovery", writes Galvez, who goes on to say the updates are meant to help searches further explore the topics they are researching.

Having added the "related searches" feature nearly a decade ago, Search today is able to do much more than it was originally catered towards.

Google has improved its search service with three new additions - Featured Snippets, improved functionality of Knowledge Panels, and suggested content.

It is also expanding the information displayed in the Knowledge Panel to include related content.

Finally, Google is deploying a more robust version of suggested content in searches. With the improved Featured Snippet, you'll see more pictures along with with some recommended related links. Google will take note of the connection between the two searches and display other football players on top of the results page like Ronaldo or Suarez. By tapping on these additional names, . you can continue your research on soccer stars all during the same search session, all from inside the Google Search results page. The feature already exists on search is now made more expansive with detailed answers to queries along with relevant images and related topics.

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