Eating cheese daily may be good for your health

Henrietta Strickland
December 6, 2017

If you're a cheese lover, you will welcome the results of this new study with open arms.

Published by the European Journal of Nutrition, the report claims that a small consumption of cheese daily can actually lessen a person's chance of coronary heart disease by 14%, or even reduce the chances of having a stroke by 10%.

Cheese is one of those foods that people can't seem to agree on, health-wise. The researchers also found that the probiotics in cheese may contribute to its ability to raise levels of "good" cholesterol while also lowering levels of "bad" cholesterol.

Overconsumption, however, can trigger high cholesterol and increase risk of heart disease due to high levels of saturated fat.

The new study, however, suggests that this popular dairy product could have the opposite effect on cardiovascular health. They scientists pored over 15 observational studies that included more than 200000 people.

Chinese researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 15 studies from Europe and the USA, which monitored the health effects of cheese consumption in more than 200,000 people. The majority of studies included subjects who were free of CVD at study baseline.

Those that were eating the above amount - which is only a few crackers worth of cheese - a day had less heart attacks and 10 per cent less strokes. The people who had the lowest risks for heart disease and stroke were those who consumed, on average, about 40 grams a day-about the size of a matchbook.

"Furthermore, there was a somewhat U-shaped association between cheese consumption and overall CVD risk, with the largest risk reduction observed at cheese consumption of approximately 40 g/d (1.5 ounces)".

But don't stock up on the Cheddar just yet; both studies have their own limitations.

It's important to remember that cheese isn't some sort of miracle food.

What is more, both studies have links to the dairy industry; the earlier study received funding from the Global Dairy Platform, Dairy Research Institute, and Dairy Australia, while the latest study was conducted with the help researchers from the Yili Group, a dairy company based in China. Also relevant is the fact that different types of cheese weren't studied, meaning that some may be better or worse for you in terms of reducing risk of heart disease and stroke.

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