Cyberpunk 2077 dev promises "no bullshit" with its game

James Marshall
November 20, 2017

In a recent interview, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski stated that the company's upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk 2020, would have some online elements to it.

Not only do they refute the use of any microtransactions within their game, but they offer what amounts to heavy criticism towards those that do. EA's decision to create a "pay-to-win" system for its latest Star Wars shooter sparked such a backlash that EA temporarily suspended all microtransactions.

It would be odd if CD Projekt Red suddenly switched to messing with microtransactions and weird progression systems after the success of The Witcher 3.

That's why so many people were concerned about the possibility of the company embracing a "games as service" model that many believe is nothing more than price-gouging.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be CD Projekt RED's first triple-A release since the blockbuster success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but we know very little about it - so every tiny snippet of comment the company makes comes under intense scrutiny.

The response appears to reaffirm the studio's commitment to single-play at a time when many story-focused AAA games are struggling (or canceled altogether).

"No hidden catch", "get what you pay for", "no bullshit", and "we leave greed to others" is as explicit a call out of EA's treatment of Battlefront II as you're likely to see from another developer. In the video, they highlighted the concerning parts of the interview and discussed them while referencing CD Projekt Red's other games like the standalone card game, Gwent, but the developers were quick to respond to the claim while comparing their newest game to The Witcher 3.

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