The upcoming iMac Pro could support a "hey Siri" command

James Marshall
November 19, 2017

Those rumors of Apple using custom ARM chips for more features inside Macs?

In other words you won't have to click to talk to the assistant, you can just start talking. While Apple brought the digital assistant to its laptops and desktops with the release of macOS Sierra past year, the feature may be upgraded in the iMac Pro to 'always-on.' The A10 chip could constantly be running, even when the computer is switched off, so you may be able to run Siri commands while the iMac Pro is dormant.

We'll find more about the A10 Fusion processor and Siri integration when the iMac Pro launches next month.

Elsewhere, developers digging around in BridgeOS 2.0 appear to have discovered the iMac Pro will utilise the A10 Fusion Chip as a co-processor on the iMac Pro.

The findings don't necessarily mean that the iMac or macOS will be more restrictive than before. However, this does show that Apple is putting its mobile experience to use in the computer realm, even if it's just to save power and processing overhead. In fact, Troughton-Smith suggests that the chip never sleeps, meaning that it runs even when the iMac Pro is completely shut off. As Troughton-Smith points out, Apple could gauge how the companion A10 works without the bulk of users "freaking out".

This always-running chip, which would be the first A-Series chip ever to feature inside a Mac, could be the key to enabling "Hey Siri" voice control.

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