Jaguar Land Rover starts testing autonomous cars on United Kingdom roads

Joanna Estrada
November 17, 2017

"By using inputs from multiple sensors, and finding intelligent ways to process this data, we are gaining accurate technical insight to pioneer the automotive application of these technologies", Rogers said.

A wide range of connected vehicle features will be put through real world tests during the trials that are scheduled to take place early next year in Coventry and Milton Keynes in the UK.

"Jaguar Land Rover is proud to be a leader in collaborative research projects for autonomous and connected cars".

JLR is testing a range of research technologies that will allow cars to talk to each other as well as roadside infrastructure, such as traffic lights on the roads of Coventry.

JLR is in the midst of developing fully and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies to give people the choice, with some feeling hesitant about giving up full control to a driverless auto.

Politicians are trying to make it as easy as possible to test new driving technologies in Britain, seeking to build an industry to serve a worldwide market expected to be worth around 900 billion pounds ($1.2 trillion) by 2025.

Testing will take place in the city of Coventry, which is just one of 12 cities around the world allowing development like this on public roads.

When do you think autonomous cars will become the norm for everyday drivers?

Britain's biggest automaker, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has tested its first driverless vehicle on public roads, it said on Friday, as carmakers race against each other and tech firms to tap into new technologies. Through this technology, the auto is connected to the traffic light system.

In-vehicle signage (IVS) is a feature which sends information about road conditions, traffic or other incidents on to an in-car display.

Electronic Emergency Brake Light (EEBL) - alerts the driver when a vehicle in front suddenly brakes, providing advanced warning, especially when the driver is unable to see the lights of the braking vehicle due to weather conditions, road layout or other vehicles in between. In addition to this, green light optimal speed advisory (GLOSA) sends traffic light information to the auto and calculates the optimal speed for approaching a set of traffic lights.

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