Here's Why Superman's Mouth Looks Weird in 'Justice League'

Lawrence Kim
November 17, 2017

"When Affleck's Batman swings into action, for once viewers won't be waiting for Wonder Woman to do something cooler..." Unlike Marvel's Cinematic Universe, DC's Extended Universe has had mixed success, with only Wonder Woman impressing critics. For whatever that's worth? The Flash (Ezra Miller) doesn't need much convincing - the jittery speedster has no idea how to "do battle" but he's all about having super friends and his is one of the film's strongest arcs. The way they bring Superman (Henry Cavill) back is really basic.

Want the good news first?

Failing to ignite further excitement in the budding franchise, the joyless Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) followed, famously finishing on a bum note (spoiler!) when it seemingly killed off Superman, emotionally cheating viewers.

"The studio has obviously called for the elimination of the bloat that disfigured Man of Steel and especially Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but now (I hesitate to write this) the new superheroes' backstories go by too quickly". No doubt this is due to the presence of Whedon, who takes a screenwriting credit, but it just does not fit with Snyder's dour takes on the characters.

Worse off, it's Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons who're deprived of motivations beyond warlord arrogance. Now he's brought that same doleful sensibility to "Justice League".

Aquaman confesses his belief that all will perish saving Earth, suggesting even the mightiest superhuman warriors won't stand a chance against Steppenwolf - only to defeat the horned monster while laughing and jabbing one another.

"Fatigue, repetition and a laborious approach to exposition are the keynotes of this affair, which is also notable for how Ben Affleck, donning the bat suit for the second time, looks like he'd rather be nearly anywhere else but here; his eyes and body language make it clear that he's just not into it". Because Justice Leaguers are no longer afraid? Matt Reeves is working on that, but I do work with Ben, so I know that he's certainly planning on starring in that film, but I don't know what the script is. The lethal clown isn't in "Justice League", but those three little words capsulize all that's wrong with the picture.

"Other than bankrolling the team, a constant inside joke of the movie, Batman doesn't feel like a crucial member of the league". Or what about The Flash's one-liners that DO land, like his constant snacking habits (crossing time/space boundaries burns mondo calories)?

Also featured in the movie are Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Connie Nielsen and Queen Hippolyta, and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth. Steppenwolf is just one of many problems with Justice League, but for the life of me I just can't get over that of allllll the villains in the DC universe, the decision was used to make Steppenwolf the bad guy. Where Snyder has before created entire worlds from pixels (300, Sucker Punch) in the past, he (and Whedon) can not even grant a *major* league member passable design. Flash is often the victor in Superman/Flash races in comics, if for no other reason than editorial mandate.

From Polygon writer Julia Alexander: "Justice League is a rare, anomalous jewel that pops up every few years in cinema: It can't be described as a good movie, but it's enjoyable at times to sit through". Who knew "Face-In-The-Hole" meme technology would someday be used in a blockbuster film? It's a shame, too, because Cyborg is my favorite superhero in any comic book and I was a fan of Wonder Woman when it released this summer. Superman's resurrection boils down to yelling the word "SCIENCE" during planning, because that's a blanket excuse. It is live now and features four pieces of armor for Flash.

My least favorite superhero is Captain America. Is this methodology the only correct path? Suicide Squad tries for the irreverent humor of Deadpool and fails miserably.

Characters were introduced like a toddler spilling his toy box onto the floor, picking up spandex-splashed subjects at random.

TOMORROW the beleaguered Justice League hits cinemas after a staggering $25million worth of reported reshoots. Familiarity is banked on, and the DCEU suffers for it. It's by-the-numbers stuff, and Affleck seems to be performing with one eye on the stage door exit, but the cast around him give Justice League some much-needed vim. Deathstroke is an assassin for hire, but also an anti-hero and a mean bastard. A messy, pile-on siege film with a hyper-sensitive amusing bone and no concept of balance now that dawn has transitioned to daylight.

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