Woman Faints in Court While Declared Guilty of Attempted Murder

Elias Hubbard
November 15, 2017

For at least the next few decades, 45-year-old Diana Lovejoy will be pacing jail cells after she was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder in a killer-for-hire plot against her now-ex-husband; but it's her reaction to Monday's verdict that has the internet buzzing.

The Californian couple were in a fierce custody battle for their young son in September past year when Lovejoy hired her gun instructor as an assassin, The San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Fox 5 footage taken from inside the courtroom showed Lovejoy looking wide-eyed at her legal team as the verdict was read out before she collapsed in her chair just seconds later.

Judge Sim von Kalinowski cleared the courtroom so Lovejoy could receive medical attention.

A TV reporter who attended to Lovejoy before paramedics wheeled her out on a gurney told the newspaper it appeared that she had been overcome by shock.

Lovejoy and McDavid face 25 years to life and 50 years to life respectively when they are sentenced next month, according to KSWB.

The ordeal briefly delayed the verdict reading for Lovejoy's co-defendant - 50-year-old gun instructor Weldon McDavid Jr.

Breton said Mulvihill, 45, was trying to reclaim his life after Lovejoy had made claims that he had molested their young son and sexually abused her.

She was supposed to pay Mulvihill within weeks after he was shot.

Lawyers for McDavid and Lovejoy argued during the two-week trial that there was never any plan to kill Mulvihill - despite the fact that McDavid fired several shots at him and hit him in the side with one.

Testifying in his own defense, McDavid, a former Marine and weapons expert, argued in a Vista, California, courtroom that if he had meant to kill Mulvihill, he would not have missed. The bullet missed the light in Mulvihill's outstretched hand and instead struck him under his left armpit, and exited out of his back. It took jurors parts of two days to reach their decision.

They linked McDavid to the crime through feces found in the bushes in which the witness' claimed they'd seen someone holding a gun. An unnamed juror told the paper, "We rejected [McDavid's] story pretty much right off the bat. But that didn't change any of our verdicts".

Mulvihill said if he wanted the father-of-one dead, he would not have survived.

Detectives determined that Lovejoy met McDavid Jr. when she started taking shooting lessons from him at Iron Sights in Oceanside.

Using a burner phone Lovejoy bought, McDavid called Mulvihill and pretended to be a private investigator on the night of the shooting. He told Mulvihill that he would provide evidence showing that Mulvihill was abusive, and that he would leave that evidence on a pole along a dirt path of Avenida Soledad, near Rancho Santa Fe.

There was no such evidence. The former couple had been embroiled in a heated divorce and custody battle. McDavid said that the idea was that if such a sketchy phone call could lure Mulvihill to a dark spot, he must be guilty of something. "It seemed too far-fetched for what actually happened".

Teri Figueroa is a San Diego Union-Tribune writer.

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