YouTube clashes with iOS 11 causing heat and battery drain, fix incoming

Joanna Estrada
November 14, 2017

Reportedly, the iOS YouTube app is consuming excessive battery power, even when it's closed and running in the background.

The newest operating system released by Apple fixes a rather unusual autocorrect bug and some argue that apart from that it might bring more disadvantages when installing.

At the time of writing, the YouTube app has not yet been updated to address this issue, but we imagine the developers will be working quickly to release a fix.

Most users have already received a notification to download and install the new iOS 11.11. This issue affects all devices running iOS 11, it's not just limited to the iPhone. In the interim, iOS users concerned battery drain might consider uninstalling the app. YouTube videos can still be played via your favorite iOS web browser. You could end up with a dead phone. While the OS could certainly be a culprit, apps can also be responsible for this kind of behavior, and it looks like the YouTube app is no exception.

YouTube users running the video app on iOS 11 are reporting a problem with rapid battery drain, an issue that causes the affected devices to get very warm to the touch.

The iTunes listing for YouTube shows that an update for the app was released today, but it doesn't appear to contain that bug fix. If you're anxious about the app using up your battery, you might want to uninstall the app and simply use the YouTube mobile website in safari or chrome instead. The reports indicate severe battery drain, with some users saying their battery drops around 10-20% after 15-30mins of video watching. That means that you could deplete your entire 100% fully charged battery with less than an hour of video watching on the YouTube App. YouTube is working on a solution to the problem.

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