Justice League gets a new banner and more TV spots

Lawrence Kim
November 14, 2017

In comparison, the costumes used in this summer's Wonder Woman were more traditionally battle-ready, with the army wearing protective headgear and abdominal armor. Patty Jenkins' Amazon warriors on the left.

Unlike the female warriors in the Wonder Woman flick, which hit the big screen earlier this year, the actresses in the latest superhero blockbuster are sporting much skimpier outfits.

Those Amazons, led by Robin Wright, were clad in practical leather armour that covered their midriffs, as well as most of their arms and legs.

That's a motto the brains over at the DC Extended Universe camp should perhaps have considered adopting, as they face backlash over their portrayal of Diana Prince's Amazonian tribe in the new Justice League movie. They've even noted the costume designer on Wonder Woman was a woman, Lindy Hemming, while Justice League's was a man, Michael Wilkinson. "Some steps backwards, methinks".

But the extensive armour worn by the characters in the film is entirely different to the skimpy and revealing outfits that are shown in Zac Snyder's first outing of the Justice League - prompting allegations of sexism and the difference "between the male and female gaze".

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume does not appear to have been significantly changed from "Wonder Woman" or her first appearance in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice".

Amber Heard, who plays Aquaman's love interest, Mera, in "Justice League", has a full-body green costume in the film. "To be fair, it's possible that the scene in which we see the Amazons in JL takes place in the distant past, as implied by the trailers".

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