'Justice League': Ray Fisher Hums The Animated Series' Theme Song

Lawrence Kim
October 31, 2017

Justice League is a major moment for the DC film universe, as it comes on the heels of the critically acclaimed and financially successful Wonder Woman. The DC superhero film saga finally seemed to stabilize with Wonder Woman, and now Justice League hopes to keep it alive. The now storied production has not been without controversy recently, thanks to a shorter than expected runtime, but, this movie will serve as a true expansion to this world, and how well Justice League does is important for the franchise's future. He then shared a memory, in which he and Ezra Miller (Flash) hummed the classic Justice League Animated Series theme song on the set.

On the Meet The Movie Press podcast, Variety reporter Justin Kroll said that he's heard that Warner Bros. has slowed their Flashpoint director search down. You can check out Kroll's comments in the video below at the 28:02 mark.

Warner Bros. seems to constantly be switching it up between waiting and sprinting. He says he's been tracking directors for Flashpoint and other DC films, but has heard they're slowing those searches down. They want to wait and see what the response to Justice League is before moving forward with movies like Flashpoint. Regardless, I continue to be incredibly curious about this film. Of note, though, these projects (aside from Wonder Woman 2) are all for movies about non-Justice League members, meaning those characters are likely the ones DC is being tentative with, understandably since they're the most well known characters they're dealing with. The decision to go dark and brooding with Man of Steel didn't pay off, and neither did the choice to make Suicide Squad insanely colorful.

"I showed up in the studio in L.A., and we sat down and got the vibe, and he played me the track and I was blown away by it - just the sounds this guy came up with", Clark said earlier this year.

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