Sushma Swaraj Raises Concern Over Indian Girl Missing In Texas

Henrietta Strickland
October 21, 2017

The father, Wesley Mathews, was arrested and charged with child endangerment after he told police he left his adopted daughter, Sherin, alone at 3:00 a.m. October 7.

A "deep concern" has been raised by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj over a missing three-year-old Indian girl in Texas. The Indian Embassy is actively involved in the search, said Swaraj. "We have established the contact with the community and authorities", a spokesperson from the Indian Embassy, said in a written statement. Sherin Mathews vanished on October 7 after her foster father Wesley Mathews told police he left her outside their home at 3 am as a punishment for not drinking her milk.

The girl, according to the reports, was adopted by a U.S. couple from an NGO in Bihar's Nalanda previous year.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has joined the probe along with the police. Authorities also discovered the family vehicle went missing for about an hour at 4 a.m. after Sherin disappeared.

Meanwhile, priest Thomas Ambalevelil, who hails from Kottayam, placed a sign outside the Mathews' family home, calling on Sherin's parents, who remain uncooperative with the police, to "tell the truth". "Even if you didn't plug in an address and say make a right or a left, it's still recording where you were going". "And it's also going to pinpoint where you stopped". Investigators are still looking for possible footage of the Acura SUV leaving the home of Sherin, as they try to determine who was driving it.

The girls' mother, Sini Mathews, was scheduled to attend a hearing Monday in an attempt to regain custody of her biological daughter, KVTV reported.

Wesley Mathews has been charged with endangering or abandoning his daughter. Police previously said she was asleep and unaware her husband had made their daughter stand outside as punishment.

Both parents have retained lawyers, despite the fact that Sini Mathews has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

The Richardson police on Wednesday concentrated their efforts in fields and creeks near Richland College, which is less than 3 kms from Sherin's home.

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