Look At Admiral Holdo Briefing The Resistance In New Star Wars

Lawrence Kim
October 19, 2017

"It was an extraordinary experience, perhaps more than ever, to have this shared space and a tribe of women and artists talking about this industry, and ultimately therefore talking about sexual harassment in the workplace", Dern said. The Emmy victor discussed the event - where Reese Witherspoon revealed she was assaulted by a director at 16 - with Ellen DeGeneres for Wednesday's episode of the chat show. "I felt like I was 7 years old again", Dern says in the clip at top.

The actress told DeGeneres she had a revelation Tuesday morning, realizing she, too, had been "justifying behavior" that was not OK. That was harassment. That was assault. "And he laughed, got up to walk away and said, 'Kid, you'll never be a star like that.' So I went on to NY, and I have fought most of my life to make this industry better for the next generation".

Dern's comments come amid the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, which has seen more than 30 women have now come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the Hollywood producer, once described as "God" of the film industry.

"You realize how in our culture we have justified, and therefore even condoned behavior, as though it's the norm", she said.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dern insisted that yes, she really is in Star Wars (there's a picture and everything) as presumably, months of having to keep quiet about her involvement have led her to be eager to announce to anyone who'll listen that she's achieved this lofty childhood goal that three quarters of the world's population all share.

It's sad, but very true.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters on December 15.

Thankfully, it seems the powerful ladies in Hollywood are determined to build a "commission" so that victims can report abuse.

Dern said the idea is to create an environment where women can reach out, even anonymously, to say, "There is an abuse of power here and something is not OK".

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