Dragon Ball FighterZ adds memorably memed villains - and lots of bonding

Lawrence Kim
October 19, 2017

We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

The latest issue of V-Jump, as reported by Gematsu, has revealed that the villains Nappa and Captain Ginyu will be playable in the new game. While they certainly don't carry the same power level that other infamous fighters such as Frieza and Cell, these Dragon Ball Z characters are certainly some of the most entertaining figures from early on in the anime series. Players will link with various characters in a similar fashion.

The magazine also revealed that Nappa and Captain Ginyu are the new characters joining the roster. In it, the player will be "linked" to a specific character depending on what Chapter of the story they are in.

As you'd expect, Nappa will be able to summon his Saibamen, including Vegeta Jr, and Ginyu can use his Body Change attack to swap bodies and health bars with his opponent. Apparently, players will also be able to develop "bonds" with characters. By increasing the bond enough you'll get to check out private conversations like Yamcha saying "I want to get married!" or Vegeta saying "Bulma's personality is rough on the edges..."

There is a unique twist to the story of the game too.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been confirmed for a release date of February 1 in Japan, but North America doesn't have a release date aside from early 2018. This is the first official release date revealed for the game so far, but it fails to specify whether or not this also reflects a global release. While in Story Mode, players will be able to battle, gain experience points, rescue allies and learn skills.

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