'Supergirl' Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers: Girl of Steel to Battle Psi

Lawrence Kim
October 17, 2017

You had Samantha Arias and her daughter (who apparently has a better phone than we do - and very much remembers her mother's superhuman skills), Kara Danvers trying to get herself back together, and Alex and Maggie had some time to themselves. While her bravado and confidence has served her well throughout her career, this time she may not be quite ready for the fight she's chosen.

Lena did a lot of good against the Daxamites past year, but she ultimately caused Kara and Mon-El to end their relationship. And now, Lena will be dealing with the guilt of some of her choices.

Morgan will be seen in several episodes this season, most of which will be with McGrath's character. This was her way of working out the grief after losing Mon-El (Chris Wood). How does their relationship evolve this season? I'm amazed we ever get any work done, but it feels very real. With Kara lying to her about some major aspects of her life, Lena could conceivably turn on her friend. Out of all her relationships, her relationship with Kara is by far the most important to her. The thought that she may have done that is hard for her to bear.

The first cliffhanger of last season is answered very quickly - Maggie did say yes to Alex's proposal. The episode ends nicely with Kara choosing to go to the bar with all of her friends.

"You've got this awesome dynamic of these three women who are starting to become close and realizing they can rely on each other to get through everything that they're getting through and still manage to save National City", McGrath tells EW. When you try to do something with good intentions and hear it's been taken somewhere so negatively it's always hard. However, she is expected to slowly heal and be the shining character that she is. She thinks "I've actually done the right thing and I'm the victim here", yet she's still vilified for having the last name. Lena's not a quitter.

Lena outmaneuvered Morgan by buying CatCo before he could.

It's amusing because when I read it I thought, "Lena, this seems like a long way to go for your best friend". "Alex is always going to side with her, no matter what", Leigh says. "Although he does give her a fair chance, they do butt heads because her style of management is different from his style of management". For one, she doesn't even know her lineage and instead is a single mother struggling to stay afloat. More importantly, she'll be stepping all over James' toes, which is fun to watch.

I think he's surprised. Basically, he wants to buy up a lot of the city to use for his own agenda, including CatCo and the waterfront. How does that affect their already strained relationship?

After the first episode, Hypable teases some details about "Supergirl" Season 3 entitled "Triggers".

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