A decade on, Team Fortress 2 gets big new update

Joanna Estrada
October 17, 2017

As you might imagine from the name, this new update is going to whisk you away to the jungle with a new map to play on. The pack of maps is headlined by Valve-created Mercenary Park, a three-control point map.

Today, Valve revealed Mercenary Park - a new map made in-house which looks like a mix of Australian-themes and Jurassic Park.

Mercenary Park seems to be only one small portion of this update. Next, we have what Valve calls a "tropical tidal wave of taunts", that includes two all-class taunts involving a Yeti (and a Yeti cut-out), as well as five class specific taunts created by the community. The four-day update brings a bunch of balance changes, six new maps, and an update to the old competitive system.

Jump over to the official Team Fortress 2 website for full details on all the enhancements and updates you can expect after installing the Jungle Inferno TF2 update.

There are also five community-created maps coming as part of the Jungle Inferno update: Banana Bay (payload race), Brazil (king of the hill), Enclosure (payload), Lazarus (king of the hill) and Mossrock (attack/defend).

If nothing else, the Jungle Inferno update promises to offer a complete change of scenary for the industry-focused TF2.

So far, there's no release date for Jungle Inferno, but we imagine that's coming along with the rest of the reveals throughout the week.

You can check out more about Jungle Inferno on its teaser site.

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