These comic takes laugh off U.S. soccer sadness

Ruben Hill
October 13, 2017

"The current US team has many players of immigrant backgrounds, including the star Haitian American forward Jozy Altidore", wrote Dubois.

"It's a dark day", Donovan, who recently retired from the sport, said in a phone interview.

It was a major blow to soccer fans when the USA men's team lost the chance to be in the World Cup after losing to Trinidad and Tobago Tuesday night.

After Jurgen Klinsmann was sacked in November of 2016 after two disastrous losses in the opening matches of CONCACAF qualifying for the World Cup. But how did United States of America coach Bruce Arena describe it? Their options have been limited by the national program's struggles to develop anything resembling a next generation to supplant mainstays such as Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley and Tim Howard. This was not supposed to be the case.

We must learn from this and move forward to ensure a brighter future for soccer in the US. "I think we're past those days where that should happen". "And that should not be the situation in a country of this size, with the resources we have, where kids are getting passed over for any reason, whether it's socioeconomic status, race, religion, proximity to a club".

And they should be more than devastated, more than embarrassed, then anyone else. There's no easy answer to that.

Ladies and gentlemen, the United States Men's National Team is a joke.

"For the kind of players (Trinidad and Tobago) have, I would think the US would win every time because of the work ethic and discipline is better here". "So, yes, it's absolutely surprising things seemed to have regressed at the highest end of the game".

With fingers pointing at anyone connected to the men's national team, Sunil Gulati, the president of the sport's national federation, is under pressure now. How disappointing is this for U.S. Soccer?

It's a predictable script because the U.S. has been a fixture at the World Cup for so long we couldn't imagine it missing the great quadrennial sporting event. The USMNT has missed the 2018 World Cup because of bad coaching decisions and players performing below their talent level. And Tuesday, a set of American players more talented and accomplished at club level than their predecessors failed to do what previous editions of the USMNT have done on six consecutive occasions - finish top three in the Hex.

"I watched the replay because our team had a match (Tuesday)", he said.

U.S. Soccer may not have solved the pay-to-play problem - any parent in America knows that there's a business out there pouncing to capitalize on any endeavor your child may pursue - but it has taken steps that its detractors often do not acknowledge. But the DA has vastly increased opportunities for lower-income players to climb the ladder and has made US elite youth soccer more diverse. They have let soccer fans in the United States down so enormously I can't even put it into words. "It's not about that". It brings in more casual fans.

"There's real significant and immediate economic impact and there's long-term unquantifiable impact as far as kids that may have watched the World Cup next summer who will now lose that opportunity to be inspired by the U.S.", Donovan said.

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