Who Is Lucious Lyon — Empire Recap

Lawrence Kim
October 12, 2017

Jamal is hesitant but agrees. And this time, he wants to know everything. He then asks Cookie why she left her family for 17 years and she avoids the question. Cookie is busy posing for the magazine feature and she's unsure about sitting in Lucious's chair. Cookie shuts all that down before marching off to the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women. Cookie has to go with Andre to apply for a loan because it's yet another convenient plot development - er, I mean, to finance the 20 for 20 projects.

In the previous episode, Jamal and Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) struggled to see eye-to-eye about how his music should sound, and it looks like the singer has another trick up his sleeve when it comes to creating a different sound. Shyne isn't thrilled to be dealing with Cookie instead of Lucious and questions why Lucious hasn't shown his face since the concert. "Her heart is with Lucious, it ain't with Dwight!" the actress said in an interview with Variety.

Diana DuBois is still scheming against the Lyons. Her plan to is deprive each of the Lyon brothers of the thing they cherish the most. She recalls when she was in prison and had her mugshot taken.

Angelo's hands aren't likely to get dirty because he's become a nasty, useless, drunk. With Giuliana still missing, the investigation remains open.

Things are heating up for Andre and Pamela, the NYPD detective he nearly slept with at the bar (but couldn't). "Moonshine!" Lucious greets him. Rose notes that Andre is sweating, deflecting and out of breath - all behavior associated with someone telling a lie.

After digging a deeper hole for himself with Detective Rose, Andre accompanies Cookie to the bank. She tells them about getting turned down. So she's still interested like that... The other ladies at the shoot are all gossiping about Empire's failure to get a line of credit.

Jamal spends quality time with Lucious who is fascinated by Jamal's songwriting abilities. "What's all this?" "That's sheet music". Shine manages to convince Cookie to let him produce five records, promising in exchange that at least one of them will be a 'banger'. Lucious' memory is gone, but his love of music remains intact.

Shyne interrupts the top secret, father-son bonding time. He wants to know why they never made music. Shyne plays a track for them. Lucious apologizes profusely for rejecting Jamal and for not being able to see him for who he is.

Lucious and Jamal are talking. This confirms Shyne's suspisions that Lucious is now "slow".

Andre arrives in his office to find the detective. Andre follows behind her. In the video, Tiana (Serayah) is seen impressing the judges with her voice and dance moves, possibly securing her the win for an album. He talks with her in an alley outside the police department and tells her that Giuliana is probably just in hiding because his father is very scary. She tells them that when they spoke earlier the thought of them getting caught made her hot. Shyne tells him to focus on their future together. Warren wants to know why he hasn't met Lucious yet. The women are all talking behind her back and she tries to confront them, but Phylicia Rashad just glares at her and claims, "I don't know what you're talking about". "I was intolerant?" Lucious asks, aghast. According to cast member Taraji P Henson, Cookie is not a fan of new Lucious, she wants her Lucious back. She knows there's bad blood between them, but she has bigger problems. Infuriated, Cookie goes into sassy-woman mode and angrily barks at the employee that Empire deserves the line of credit, citing the company's increased market share and revenue growth in recent years. Hakeem says Bella is not used to Anika yet, and he's right: Bella still seems to gravitate more towards Tiana, although Anika vows to not give up.

One of the woman tells Cookie she was once in the same boat. The woman offers to spot Cookie 10 million for "20 for 20". A bunch of other women promise to throw some cash her way as well.

We see Cookie's gender and socioeconomic status at the forefront when she is denied a loan from the male and clearly upper crust banker (who turns out to be Diana's cousin). Poor Diana, foiled again.

Cookie comes home to find Lucious painting.

Jamal is home with Warren. Warren thinks either Jamal is embarrassed of him or his father and doesn't understand why they're keeping secrets. Warren explains that he's got daddy issues too. Jamal winds up revealing Lucious' brain injury to Warren. She tells him that she was gone for 17 years because she was in prison and it was because of him. Lucious wants to hear about it.

Will Shyne try to take control of Empire Enterprises now that he knows about Lucious?

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