What colour are these sneakers?

Lawrence Kim
October 12, 2017

When Facebook user Nicole Coulthard's friend got a compliment from her mum on her new blue shoes, she sent a picture of them to Nicole asking what colour she saw, prompting Nicole to share it on closed Facebook support group Girlsmouth.

Here in the Closer Online office, we are VERY torn - most of us are seeing turquoise laces on a grey shoe, but a couple of people have seen pink trainer and white laces.

Coulthard shared the photo in the Facebook group Girlsmouth with more than 98,000 members.

Well, the person who originally posted the photo of the shoe assures us that the physical shoes are actually pink and white but hundreds of people have been saying on social media that they can see the shoes as grey and mint green.

The troublesome trainers have already amassed over thousands of comments from baffled users and just like with the now infamous dress, people can't seem to decide the true colour of the footwear.

In February 2015, millions debated whether or not a viral dress was blue and black or gold and white and it became so famous that it has since been used by neuroscientists in research over colour perception.

"I would say pale pink and white, but she insists it's pale blue and grey".

Nicola told the Metro that the trainers belong to her friend and that in reality they ARE pink and white.

"I see both", another said.

Many viewers of the dress thought it was black and blue, but some argued that it was white and gold.

When the dress debate was at it's height in 2015, a twitter user Andy Rexford offered an explanation to why people were seeing different colours, apparently it has something to do with rods and cones.

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