Teen Allegedly Rapes Neighbor, Then Offers to Do Yardwork

Elias Hubbard
October 12, 2017

The woman told deputies that following the attacks, Walding remained at the home speaking to her. He then attempted to rape her while she resisted, prosecutors said.

After the ordeal, the intruder spent the rest of the time before he left talking to her, taking the time to put her underwear and shorts back on her, she told deputies.

Apparently he also said that he did not want to kill her because his own mother passed away when he was 12 and he could not imagine leaving two children without a mum.

At some point, she realised that Walding is a neighbour and he eventually untied her for a smoke outside.

Walding then pulled a fish hook out of his pocket and said he used it to pick the door lock, the report said.

When asked why he chose to do it, Walding answered, "Obviously, it wasn't a spontaneous thing and I had this plan", the report said.

She claims that he later untied her hands and let her go outside, but not before offering a weird explanation for his actions.

Police say they are waiting to notify next of kin before releasing the name of the deputy.

The domestic violence problem within the sheriff's office is not limited to male deputies as earlier this year, a female deputy named Catherine Lara was arrested for strangling her live-in girlfriend.

Walding went back to his home after about an hour and a half and the woman went inside her residence and called for help, the report said.

Palm Beach County's golden rule "there's a law for citizens and another law for cops" is being followed religiously right now.

Deputies went to Walding's home and arrested him.

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