Jailed mom 'devastated' to learn son was vaccinated

Henrietta Strickland
October 13, 2017

A MI judge has reduced the child custody rights of a woman who was jailed for not following through on a court order to vaccinate her nine-year-old son.

Horne declined to comment after the hearing, according to his attorney, Benton Richardson.

In a teary response, Bredow said her week in prison had been the worst few days of her life, "except for the fact that I just found out that he was vaccinated and I'm not going to get him back today", according to USA Today.

Rebecca Bredow, the MI anti-vax mother who was jailed because she refused to let her son receive vaccinations, was not happy to learn that her son received four immunizations this week.

On Monday, Horne had the vaccines administered, while the child was under his custody.

Oakland County Judge Karen McDonald ruled Wednesday that Rebecca Bredow will no longer have primary custody of the boy but will share joint custody with her ex-husband, James Horne.

McDonald issued Bredow with the jail sentence for contempt of court. McDonald gave Bredow's attorney, Steven Vitale, 21 days to object to the decision, which Vitale says he intends to do.

The judge went on to list a series of things Bredow did without the dad's consent, saying "it's clear to me that you don't care about orders".

Bredow said that she could not bring herself to order the shots, while her attorney Vitale said that the pleadings McDonald referred to were filed in error by a previous attorney and that Bredow had never meant to consent to the vaccinations.

Bredow said that she could not push through with getting her son immunized, while McDonald pointed out that she had consented in court proceedings in November 2016.

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