In the Dominican Republic, a Russian woman died, leaning out half-naked from the vehicle window

Elias Hubbard
Октября 12, 2017

Youtube Russian pensioner arranged four accidents in 20 seconds She leaned out of the window of a moving auto on the road leading to Punta Cana airport, the Ensegundos portal reported, citing a spokesman for Frank Felix's national police Daran Mejia.

Natalia Borisovna Borodina, from Moscow, was on holiday in the Dominican Republic when the horrific incident occured.

The 35-year-old was killed when she was struck in the head by a road sign while she was hanging out of a moving car's window which then flung her out of the vehicle.

Footage of the accident, which happened in the Dominican Republic, was filmed by her Ukrainian friend Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, the driver of the auto.

As Borodina leaned the upper part of her torso backwards out of the window, the moving auto drove by a lamp post.

The shocking video recorded with her cell phone her friend Ivanna Boirachuk is her last moments on a motorway near Punta Cana. She had taken off her bra and played games in the camera before the fatal accident. The report quoted Russian media reports as saying that Borodina was rushed to the hospital and died there of "serious injuries". The report further stated that Natalia Borodina is survived by her eight year old son.

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