Amazon gives control over teen spending to parents

Joanna Estrada
October 12, 2017

The For Teens login is only made possible if the parent agrees, and parents ultimately retain the power over their teen's shopping habits, including settings spending limits and having the ability to deny an order.

When making purchases, teens can even add a note to their parents, such as "I need this book for school". Then again, if you'd rather spend that money on cheap fast food you can always cancel your monthly subscription and mooch off your parents' Prime account over summer break. This is a pretty good solution that should satisfy both teens and parents.

In addition to the shipping, you get access to Prime Video, Music, Photos, Reading, and Twitch Prime (meaning you can sub to your favorite streamer once a month, which is pretty great).

Teens can use their unique accounts to place orders using the Amazon app. Teens can select items that they'd like to buy, and Amazon will send their parents a text message with a description of the item and a link to approve the purchase.

The new service, available via, is meant to give teenagers ages 13 through 17 a bit more autonomy, says Amazon.

Teens with an Amazon account are about to acquire some buying power.

Customers can sign up for the program online, and teens can inform their parents through a text or email of their desire to register. And the company said kids won't be able to see their parent's credit card information.

Capturing teen customers might be more hard than previously imagined.

The next step for Amazon would be to make it easier for teens to use this cash, perhaps by configuring a digital allowance parents can dole out to teens' accounts.

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