SNES Classic Edition Wireless Controller Announced by Nyko

Joanna Estrada
September 25, 2017

Now, we've been spoiled for the better part of a decade now with wireless controllers, but when NES Classic Mini controller cord took short wired controller cords to another level. If you're not so keen on having an authentic experience, Nyko has the controller you probably wish Nintendo would have used: a wireless SNES controller. At first glance, the controller looks just like a classic Super Nintendo controller, only without a cable and featuring a subtle Nyko logo on the front. It also has a Turbo button for fast inputs, and pressing the turbo button with Select brings up the SNES Classic's Home screen.

Nyko unveiled the Super Miniboss, its wireless controller for the SNES Classic Edition that is now up for preorder with a price tag of $19.99 each. As an added bonus, the controller will be rechargeable, making it easy to keep the battery topped off via a microUSB charging port.

The wireless controller is an upgraded version of the Miniboss wireless controller, which was released for the NES Classic Edition.

While the console will arrive with two corded controllers in the box, there is always potential from third-party accessory manufacturers to produce their own controllers.

While Nintendo's decision to package the SNES Classic Edition with a pair of wired controllers preserves the retro console's authenticity, some gamers will prefer wireless controllers.

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