67% of PA, Gaza Arabs Want Abbas to Resign

Elias Hubbard
September 25, 2017

Distrust towards the PNA president has been on the rise over concerns the Palestinians polled expressed for civil freedoms in the Territories after recent legislation promoted by Abu Mazen on cyber crime and interventions against journalists and activists who had criticized the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

"A large majority believes that Palestinians can not criticize the PA without fear. In fact, half of the public believes that the PA has now become a burden on the Palestinian people", the PSR states. While Hamas-controlled Gaza registered an overwhelming 80% opposed to Abbas continuing in office, as would be expected, Abbas's arguable home base of the West Bank scored a solid majority of 60% wanting him to step-down. Three months ago demand for Abbas resignation stood at 55 percent in the West Bank and 75 percent in the Gaza Strip.

This just days after a Hamas delegation led by the organization's political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, returned from a visit to Egypt where one of the main topics of discussion with Egyptian officials was security arrangementz on the border between Sinai and Gaza and the need to prevent jihadist infiltration from the Strip into Sinai. Fatah's popularity in the Gaza Strip stands at 28 percent, compared to 40 percent only nine months ago.

The survey findings also indicate a decline in support for Fatah, particularly in the Gaza Strip where Hamas is more popular. Palestinians overwhelmingly believe the Trump Administration is biased in favor of Israel (83%); and that it is "not serious" about negotiations (74%).

Meanwhile, 33 percent stated that the first goal should be to obtain the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their towns and villages inside Israel from which they fled in 1948.

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