North Korea warned USA 'considering SHOOTING DOWN next missile test'

Elias Hubbard
September 23, 2017

And one USA defense official told CNN the potential for having to consider shooting down a North Korean missile remains very real.

The remarks came in response to a statement issued by the U.N. Security Council in the wake of North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch on Friday.

Mattis confirmed that policy on Monday, saying it would not shoot down a North Korean missile unless it poses a direct threat to the United States or its allies.

"The increased moves of the United States and its vassal forces to impose sanctions and pressure on (North Korea) will only increase our pace toward the ultimate completion of the state nuclear force", a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

He was asked why the U.S., which has spent tens of billions of dollars on missile defence programmes in recent decades, has not tried to intercept North Korea's rockets as they demonstrate an increasingly sophisticated missile capability.

It has also threatened to launch missiles close to the coast of Guam, a U.S. island territory in the Pacific.

The US has considered shooting down North Korea's missile in the past, but have never acted on it. The deciding whether a ballistic missile fired by North Korea is enough of a threat to bring it down even if its trajectory doesn't include the U.S. or its allies, according to CNN.

China and Russian Federation have begun naval drills near North Korea amid continuing tensions over the isolated state's nuclear ambitions and ahead of a United Nations General Assembly meeting where US President Donald Trump will address the 193-member body for the first time. "Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime".

"I will not go into details", he said. "I want to say", Mr Mattis said.

The Pentagon is looking at potential covert cyberattack options.

He did confirm that he had discussed the option of putting tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea, an idea rejected by South Korea's President last week.

North Korea launched a missile over Japan last Friday, its second in the past three weeks, and conducted its sixth and by far most powerful nuclear test on September 3, in defiance of worldwide pressure.

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