Toxic Overwatch players can receive permanent bans starting September 27

Joanna Estrada
September 22, 2017

"Over the last few months, we've made several changes to the game as part of our ongoing effort to build a better, more welcoming experience", said Engen, citing the increase in penalties for poor behavior in-game including Xbox One Overwatch players being muted for toxic actions or communications.

Blizzard is introducing a severe punishment for Overwatch that will hopefully reduce the toxicity levels and other unruly behavior in Competitive Play.

Community Manager Josh Engen is quoted as saying that seasonal bans and permanent Competitive bans also won't decay or reset over time.

Those who earn seasonal bans will find that three such bans will make them eligible for a permanent Competitive Play ban. There's no way that Blizzard would implement such harsh measures without the need for it, so the situation must be causing a lot of issues for players. Players have the option to rejoin in-progress games; those who do not rejoin will receive a penalty.

Seasonal bans in Overwatch can be delivered if a player consistently leaves or becomes inactive in the middle of a competitive game. The remaining players will receive neither a penalty nor a loss.

And this isn't a consecutive system - earning a ban in the first season, then another in the second season and a third in season four will still qualify players for a permanent ban. And remember, if you join a match and see Hanzo on your team, stick it out to the end.

Repeated occurrences of leaving early or being kicked for inactivity during a match will lead to restrictions on future competitive matches. If you return, the match will resume normally. Playing full competitive games without leaving can put the account back into good standing, but continued penalties can result in seasonal bans. If not, you will receive a penalty and the remaining players will be given the option to leave without receiving a penalty (though they will still receive a loss). An account that gets a permanent ban will never return to a good standing, either.

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