Bungie has detailed Faction Rallies, starting in Destiny 2 next week

James Marshall
September 22, 2017

It starts on September 26th, 2 AM PST and ends on October 3rd, 2 AM PST. All three factions return from the original Destiny-Dead Orbit (represented by Arach Jalaal), Future War Cult (Lakshmi-2), and New Monarchy (Executor Hideo)-to task players with "gather [ing] supplies for their faction and destroy [ing] enemy resources".

Destiny 2 has added a lot of new stuff to the series (we can call it a series now, right?) but it's also brought back numerous first game's features in new forms. Bungie will announce the victor at 10 AM Pacific Time.

For those new to Destiny and factions, each one of them have different goals that they aim to accomplish. Future War Cult believe that some kind of catastrophic, world-ending war is coming, and that they must fight in order to be ready when the time comes. Dead Orbit didn't mind your company. Finally, New Monarchy want to elect one single ruler of humanity.

Of course, you can also earn gear and weapons from the faction of choice by collecting Tokens during the event and earning packages. Turning those tokens in to your faction leader, just like with all other vendors, boosts your vendor reputation, and you can get Legendary Engrams. If you pledged to the winning faction, you can scoop the gun for an easy 1,000 glimmer; if you bet wrong, you can still buy the winning faction's gun, but you'll need to spend a hefty 50,000 glimmer to do it. Suckers.

What are your thoughts on the Faction Rally though? The Faction that eventually proves itself to be the most popular will net its members an exclusive weapon at the low low price of 1000 Glimmer.

These are the weapons that each faction will offer. Tokens can be exchanged for a suite of themed gear, including armor, weapons, and shaders.

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