United Nations approves new sanctions on North Korea

Elias Hubbard
September 14, 2017

Joint ventures will be banned and the names of senior North Korean official and three entities were added to a United Nations sanctions blacklist that provides for an assets freeze and a global travel ban.

But the Trump administration adopted a totally new approach with this resolution, presenting its draft to China and all other Security Council members last Tuesday and demanding a vote in six days.

China's logic extends to the current debate at the United Nations Security Council on the US proposal to cut off North Korea's oil supply after it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

But it only caps Pyongyang's imports of crude oil at the level of the last 12 months, and it limits the import of refined petroleum products to 2 million barrels a year.

"This poses a threat to the security of regional countries such as China and Russia", Chinese state media said.

"Early tracking is also hard because North Korean missiles would be flying over Russian Federation, where NATO obviously can not put radars", he added.

Beijing may accept the suggestion that the People's Liberation Army march across China's border with North Korea to create a safety zone in order to build shelters for refugees and stem a massive refugee inflow into China's northeast.

"Democrats will protect America and our allies, press China to restrain North Korea, and sharpen the choices for Pyongyang to compel it to abandon its illegal nuclear and missile programs". China shares a 1,400-kilometre border with North Korea along the Yalu River.

Rajiv Biswas, Asia Pacific chief economist for IHS Markit, also said he expects that Pyongyang can weather the import reduction.

In order to pressure Beijing and Moscow to do more, the US has to go after more companies and individuals that are suspected of doing business with the North Korean regime, according to Ruggiero.

Biswas noted, however, that the situation with China remains both crucial and complicated.

The import of refined petroleum products is also limited. Should global society set up a new government for North Korea? China is the largest supplier of crude oil to the North.

"The one factor working in favor of these sanctions being implemented is that the Chinese and Russians have to be fearful that the USA will impose its own sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies", he said.

No sanctions will make North Korea change its policies, says the country's ambassador to Moscow.

North Korea warned the United States earlier on Monday that it would pay a "due price" for spearheading efforts on UN sanctions. Textiles are one of North Korea's major exports, with a total export value estimated at $750 million in 2016, and the tens of thousands of North Koreans working overseas send a significant portion of their earnings home to the regime. Among conservative respondents, 82 percent back halting all aid to North Korea, but the proportion is also high among moderates with 65 percent and even 52 percent of progressives.

But what Washington failed to get was equally telling.

The United States has pressed for toughest-ever imposed sanctions on North Korea, including an oil embargo, assets freeze on leader Kim Jong-Un, an end to textile exports and end to payments made to North Korean guest workers.

Accuses the US of attempting to manipulate the United Nations.

Han was quoted as accusing the US administration of being "fired up for political, economic, and military confrontation", and of being "obsessed with the wild game of reversing (North Korea's) development of nuclear force which has already reached the completion phase".

Security Council diplomats, who weren't authorized to speak publicly because talks have been private, said the USA and China were still negotiating the text late Sunday.

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