UN Security Council unanimously steps up sanctions against N.Korea

Elias Hubbard
September 14, 2017

Merkel said that she backed sanctions as a means of bringing North Korea to the negotiating table. Haley praised the "strong relationship" between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping for enabling the resolution's adoption. Textiles are North Korea's main source of export revenue after coal, iron, seafood and other minerals that have already been severely restricted by previous United Nations resolutions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claps during a celebration for nuclear scientists and engineers who contributed to a hydrogen bomb test, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang on September 10, 2017.

"We need to use every ounce of leverage.to put maximum pressure on this rogue regime", he said at a committee hearing on North Korea.

China's United Nations ambassador, Liu Jieyi, urged North Korea to "take seriously the expectations and will of the worldwide community" and called on all parties to remain "cool-headed" and not stoke tensions. China and Russian Federation, the two leading oil suppliers to the North and veto-wielding countries, however, have been in opposition, prompting Washington and Beijing to negotiate "a compromise" draft, according to the source. John McCain says the US needs to step up actions against North Korea and send a message to leader Kim Jong Un that aggressive acts will lead to his country's destruction.

The import of refined petroleum products is also limited.

Along with settling for the compromise on oil, the US unsuccessfully tried to get a travel ban and freezes on the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Air Koryo, the North's flagship airline.

Earlier in the day, North Korea warned the USA of "greatest pain" if it pushed ahead with a tougher UNSC resolution.

"The DPRK has developed and perfected the super-powerful thermo-nuclear weapon as a means to deter the ever-increasing hostile moves and nuclear threat of the USA and defuse the danger of nuclear war looming over the Korean peninsula and the region". The U.S. proposed slashing projects employing North Korean workers overseas, but instead accepted sanctions aimed at gradually scaling them back.

DPRK stands for the North's formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

A Security Council resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes to pass. The North's Foreign Ministry spokesman said the United States was "going frantic" to manipulate the Security Council over Pyongyang's nuclear test, which it said was part of "legitimate self-defensive measures".

Putin has remained firm however that such sanctions on oil would have negative humanitarian effects on North Koreans.

It retains language reaffirming support for long-stalled six-party talks with that goal involving North Korea, the U.S., Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.

It retains language on the council's "determination to take further significant measures" in the event of a new nuclear test or ballistic missile launch.

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