Teacher in hot water over controversial assignment

Elias Hubbard
September 14, 2017

Findlay said he's not sure how many students were in the class, and he declined to give the teacher's name, saying the district is still investigating.

The Standard Examiner in Ogden reported that Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay said the survey was given to Roy High School juniors as an assignment for a course that provides instruction in human sexuality and requires parental consent to enroll.

The questionnaire was reportedly a quiz from an Ann Landers advice column from 1981 but officials have not immediately confirmed where it originated. Have you (or your partner) ever anxious about being pregnant? "Have you ever slipped angel dust (anything) into someone's drink?"

According to the report students were asked, "Ever stolen money to buy drugs?" and "Have you ever had sex without using a contraceptive?" along with questions about kissing while laying down and alcohol and drug usage.

At the bottom of the quiz was a score chart that ranked your responses.

"How many lives have been affected by telling teenagers they're hopelessly condemned or a nerd?" she said. Other ranges included "pure as Ivory soap and maybe a fruitcake", "indecent" and "headed for serious trouble". "Have you ever had an abortion", said Heather Miller.

One woman described the assignment she says her daughter was given.

The district was made aware of the quiz over the weekend after parents complained to school officials.

Several of the questions were "disturbing and invasive", she said.

"Kids felt really insecure after taking that test", Stringham told Fox 13.

Danks Miller said she met with the teacher and the principal, and the teacher told her that she'd used the survey for years without any problems or complaints.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Candace Thurgood has been placed on leave, but Findlay, told Fox News the district was not releasing the name of the teacher at the moment due to the ongoing investigation.

"Although we do not believe this teacher had any malicious intent in conducting the survey, it contained inappropriate content and was certainly outside the scope of the course", Findlay said in the release.

In a lesson on "risky behavior in dating", Roy High School teacher Candance Thurgood sent out a survey called "Know Thyself" to students in her "Adult Roles and Financial Literacy" class.

Findlay said two federal acts and state laws prohibit surveys eliciting information about a student's sexual behaviors, attitudes, sexual orientation or involvement in criminal behavior.

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