Kirby: Star Allies coming to Nintendo Switch early next year

Joanna Estrada
Сентября 14, 2017

First teased at E3 earlier this year, Nintendo has formally announced Kirby Star Allies, the latest Kirby game on the way to the Nintendo Switch.

During its September Nintendo Direct broadcast, the Japanese gaming giant revealed new levels that will appear in the forthcoming Super Mario Odyssey for Switch, including Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom. Apparently Dedede was corrupted by some dark force, gifting him with beefy muscles and the ability to swing around pillars.

Kirby Star Allies will feature co-op gameplay where you can throw hearts at up to three enemies and turn them into your allies.

Other abilities shown include turning a bomb into a hot air balloon.

Kirby Star Allies is coming Spring 2018.

Anyway, each Kirby type has its own special abilities that will help aid you attempting to secure a victory against other players across a variety of game modes, including a battle arena mode where the last Kirby standing is the victor. There are other modes too, like Ore Express, a mad dash to hoard treasure. You'll also be able to have Mario wearing nearly nothing at all, with just a cap and a pair of beach shorts... Last night's Nintendo Direct had Mario as its centrepiece, showing off many cute and clever little touches in a blink of an eye.

In Kirby Battle Royale for the 3DS, various Kirbys fight on another using their absorbed powers. It will come out on January 19.

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