IPhone X Price: What Can We Expect To Pay For Apple Smartphone?

James Marshall
September 14, 2017

While this year saw an exhaustive list with the iPhone X being the highlight, next year may not be as exciting because Apple may have exhausted its kitty of patents to make the iPhone X. Its 10th anniversary iPhone had to be special and so it is, but don't expect such big user experience changes year after year. It's a simple setting toggle to change it. Those wishing to get their hands on the iPhone X on launch day will have to be particularly swift with pre-orders even for an iPhone unit.

Several reviewers have also pointed out that the Note 8 retains the same drawback as the S8 and S8 Plus by locating the fingerprint security sensor on the back of the device alongside the dual cameras.

It came just hours ahead of arch rival Apple's unveiling of the latest iPhone.

Apple announced a developer kit for the technology earlier this year called ARKit and said this technology has been built into the hardware and software of the new devices. Apple shares fell 0.8 percent to $160.18 after the announcement. A possible explanation is that the iPhone 8 Plus could have a larger battery than the iPhone X, as the iPhone 8 Plus is a larger device despite it's smaller display compared to the iPhone X.

Both the iPhone 8 and its larger sibling are expected to hit the USA and a few other markets such as the UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and New Zealand on September 22.

First there's the screen, because in a year when mobile manufacturers have shown there's more to mobiles than the necessity of frames and bezels, Apple is joining up.

Despite having a price-tag that's considerably higher than the Galaxy S8 Plus, which can now be purchased unlocked for $750 and up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is worth the added cost, according to some reviews. It's a technology Apple calls "Face ID", and it works by way of infrared, projecting over 30,000 infrared dots you can't see to create a model of your face and confirm delivery.

The newest iPhone is set to be introduced to the public officially on Tuesday local time in the US, just three days before the Galaxy Note 8 is released and shipped to those who pre-ordered. There'll be a 7 MP, f/2.2 front camera as well. It's one of those things that is typically Apple that no one else does, and our guess is reliant on that infrared Face ID technology Apple is talking up.

Locally, the outright price for the iPhone X starts at $1579, and that's for the 64GB model. Pre-orders for the iPhone X begin October 27 and the device ships by November 3, while the 8/8 Plus can be ordered starting September 15 and will start shipping a week later. Pre-orders start on October 27 and the phone will be available beginning November 3, the company said.

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